About Us

Ricky Orr is a descendant of generations of Southern Arrernte/Luritja people and traditional owners of the Wurre (Rainbow Valley) and Walkabout Bore Outstation (Mpwelere), Hailstone Dreaming (Kunata) Рlands surrounded by forests of Desert Oak, rocky sandstone range escarpments and remnants of Australia’s famous droving stock route to the Old Ghan railway line..


Rainbow Valley is located 97km South of Alice Springs in Central Australia

The sandstone ridges and bluffs provide opportunities for spectacular photographs,
particularly around dawn or dusk, or when the claypans adjacent to the bluffs are holding water.

The turn-off to the Reserve is 75 kilometres south of Alice Springs along the Stuart Highway. From here it is a 22 kilometre stretch east, along an unsealed road which has some sandy patches. For this reason access is recommended for 4WD only.


Being a traditional owner of Rainbow Valley I would like to pay respects to

  • my grandfather Jack Kenny
  • My immediate family, the Kenny’s
  • Braeden Family
  • Taylor Family
  • Johnson Family
  • Parks and the Joint Management process
  • Central Land Council
  • Tourism NT